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2016 Jaguar XF

Trim: R Sport
by Griffin75 on 02-05-2017
Excellent ride and handling
The car is comfortable and quick. It is returning about 8L/100km in highway driving, and I expect that will improve over time. The AWD is definitely rear biased, that is a difference from the MB 4matic system, where it was more neutral. The S/C 3.0 engine has plenty of power on tap, and the AWD puts it down really well on wet or dry. With snow, it has a tendency to push the rear wheels out into oversteer more than the C300 - the winter setting and moderation on the throttle are in order. Overall it is very quiet, even with winter rubber on, with little if any S/C whine in evidence.

I found the C300 was easy to get the front splitter onto curbing despite having the parktronic assist - the Jag has both the parking system and the 360 camera system, plus a splitter that isn't as close to the road. I do find that it is a large car, but doesn't drive that way.

On the highway, it is very stable with strong crosswinds. One does have to be careful when merging on highways, as it is really easy to overshoot the speed you want to achieve - the acceleration when rolling is spectacular but refined... you don't always realize how quickly it is adding speed as it does so without drama or undue noise.

I have the heated/cooled seats - have only used the heaters and they are very effective. The heated windscreen is brilliant, except for the small area that isn't heated, and ice can build up there with freezing rain due to the difference in windscreen temperature. I haven't had an opportunity to play with the adaptive suspension/engine/transmission/steering in the dynamic mode yet.

The Meridian sound system is excellent - and appears to be based on the Microsoft SYNC system utilized by Ford products. It has the same general functionality and the SD based maps that need to be plugged in. I have only had the sunroof open a few times - the vent position doesn't give much lift to the panel, and open there is very little wind disruption in the car.
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