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2011 Subaru Legacy

Trim: Limited 3.6R
by DaddyChicken on 01-03-2017
Reliable, Comfortable, Fun to drive
Comfort: The car is roomy. Headroom is very good. The Seats are wide, you can sit 3 comfortably in the back. The trunk is large too. The front bucket seats adjust every which way to accommodate a variety of body sizes and shapes. The 6 cylinder is quiet.
Performance: The optional 6 with the automatic transmission is very decent. You have lots of power for passing. Not to mention, the vehicle has AWD. Traction in snow, and ice as well as wet pavement is excellent. The automatic works decent. No buzzy noises, and it is decisive. If you opt for the smaller 4 (2.5L with CVT) you will notice the droning sound. The 2.5L has adequate power. It definitely won't win any rally races.

Fuel Economy: One of the downfalls of full time AWD is that the car uses more fuel than a FWD vehicle. With spirited driving the 6 cylinder engine will not achieve the posted 11L /100Km. I get about 13 in summer time.

Exterior styling: It has character, especially when compared to an Accord or Camry. Definitely when compared to the new generation of Legacy's. The side skirts are a nice touch.The bold arches on the wheel wells give the car character.

Interior design: The hard plastics on the dash are cheap. The excessive use of silver in the radio/climate/gear shift areas look crappy. The "Fake wood" in the limited really is sucky looking. I love the seats, the soft touch materials to the touch on the doors, and center console. The stock radio and "Bluetooth connect" look 1980s. If you get the optional NAV Deck the performance on it is bad! In addition there is no voice button on the steering wheel. The moon roof is a source of excessive noise. The Harmon Kardan amp/speakers sound great in the car. I am unsure what the point of the analog fuel consumption gauge was for. I would have much rather had a temp gauge.

Bottom line - love the car!
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