1995 Toyota Supra TARGA Twin Turbo GUELPH $90,000

1995 Toyota Supra TARGA Twin Turbo - GUELPH

Posted: 37 days
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99,000 km
Body Type
TARGA Twin Turbo
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3 doors
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Extreme PC Corporation ( Extreme-PC.ca ) wanted a showcase ultra high performance vehicle that represented the high performance gaming pcs we make. In 2001 The fast and the furies movie was released which showcased the Supra as a superior weapon against top end Ferraris and other exotics of the day. With few bolt on mods, the Supra was capable of making more horsepower then $400,000.00 Lamborghinis and Ferraris of the time. We wanted to do the same with our Gaming PCs showing our customers that they can shop in Canada and get more high performance system for half the money of equivalent back then "Alienware" system from USA.

So the idea was born that the SUPRA will represent Extreme PC Systems - Incredible look and design, maximum performance, with affordability and highly overclockable (high boost of the Supra in the car world).

Since Extreme PC does business with Cambridge Toyota plant in Ontario, we knew management which was very passionate about the Supra and we had access to Toyota's JDM master mechanics to guide us along. We wanted to build a perfect JDM, without losing everyday drivability and fuel economy of the stock Supra. Basically the car had to look out of this world, but perform at stock level if desired, yet it had the option to turn up the horse power to 20PSI on the fly to destroy anything that pulled up next to it - including Italian exotics. All this had to be done on stock motor and turbos only adjusting the boost level with a push of a button on the on board engine computer installed under the sound system on the front dash. We didn't want to abuse the car with permanent 1000hp modifications that would destroy everyday drivability and life of the engine and the V160 GETRAG 6 speed transmission.

We hired the best Supra shop available to do the work in Kitchener Ontario, since Extreme PC is located in Guelph, Ontario. This way we could monitor the progress for this incredible project. We stared with looking for low mileage stock supra that was not abused or modified in any way. After 5 month search we found it! It was never winter driven and 100% rust free - which is still true today. Since back then it was very hard to import a proper left hand drive twin turbo Supra to Canada, we had to think of creative ways to do so - this story is reserved only for the one lucky buyer that will end up with this one of a kind vehicle in the world - as it was re-born a superstar in very unique circumstances.
Extreme PC was always close with ATI Corporation at the highest level - now AMD Corporation (www.amd.com). At one of the meetings in Markham, Ontario at ATI headquarters, Extreme PC introduced the idea to ATI management that the SUPRA will be used as a showcase vehicle at computer trade shows, gaming events right next to our Gaming Systems playing racing simulators and other games promoting Extreme PC and turning heads as it always does even to this day. This was very new territory back then as now it's quite common to see Porsches and other top car manufactures at E3 in Los Angeles or other gaming events around the planet. ATI, management loved the idea and the Supra was the star of magazine publications and other contests. One of the most known was the introduction of the ATI HD2900 1GB card. Extreme PC was the first system builder that was allowed to sell the ATI HD2900 with 1GB of RAM under it's brand! We had our own MAX Bios and our own card with our own design on it. National level coverage and advertising campaign was done in 2007 on the web and in magazines ( see image ). Our direct competitor was NVIDIA GTX8800 at the time - google "extreme pc HD 2900" to see our card reviews from that time period - this is for those of you that are familiar with PC world.
Cambridge Toyota master mechanics from Japan requested that we install HKS DRAGER exhaust system which sounds a lot like a modern day Lexus LFA exhaust, HKS engine management, HKS Intake, HKS sequential blow off valve (yes the same blow off sound you hear in the original movie), HKS turbo timer and other modifications that were required to produce power on request. Small suspension work was done to ensure out of this world handling without sacrificing ride comfort for everyday driving. To make the Supra looked "Extreme" JDM Blitz body kit was imported from Japan along with just released at the time, Gold Rays - Volk racing TN two piece handmade light weight racing rims ($8,000.00 with shipping and taxes just for the rims alone at the time). After 3 month wait time, all the components came in and the Extreme PC Supra took 565 total hours to be completed. Project took a little longer than anticipated as quality was top concern. The body kit was installed to a millimeter accuracy - this process took 2 weeks to complete by itself and it was hard molded - we hope pictures speak for themselves! Everything had to look perfect and aligned as if it was made by Toyota itself back in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan - at the Motomachi plant where this exact one was originally made. Just like our website colors, the paint color code was acquired from Kawasaki dealership for $500.00 - the Kawasaki Ninja Green with 6 clear coats on top to get that perfect deep green that blinds you in the direct sun!

This Supra had two previous owners. Extreme PC is a third owner - 90% of the car's life - hence the very low milage for it's age (normal mileage of a 3 year old vehicle). Supra was only summer driven, sometimes daily by the CEO of the company and winter stored in a heated garage. The mileage is so low for its year as our CEO had Posches, Mercedes Sprinter Limos and other vehicles that were used at the same time. It's a all matching numbers vehicle. It currently has 99,000K on the body and its original 2JZ GTE Twin Turbo engine. It's 100% perfectly running, no ticking noises etc. New clutch was installed 3 years ago and it shows no signs of wear. Brand new ultra performance german made rotors and pro pads were installed in 2015 and they have about 5000km of use on them. Car drives like 3 year old vehicle. The sounds it makes are MAGICAL, some compare the turbo spool sounds to McLaren P1 hyper car. With the aluminum Targa roof off, it makes the driver feel like a super hero and to this day, it turns heads like no other vehicle. One test drive will steal your heart!

We had latest Porsches and other super cars promoting our Gaming Systems over the years, yet they all failed to make the driver feel so incredibly unique and they didn't generate as much attention from the public as this incredible machine. We can't explain it. Maybe this is why Paul Walker always loved the Supra as it made him the super hero of the car world. After so many years of ownership, we decided it's time to acquire another unique vehicle and do the same process all over again. This is the only reason why we are putting this Supra on the market. We are looking for someone special that will appreciate it for what it is every day. It's the most unique Supra in north America with its connection to JDM Toyota master mechanics at the Cambridge plant who helped to design her, to the computer industry and its connection with AMD corporation and PC gaming world. This is why we always called it - The ONE. She is very insurance friendly - $150 CAD per month on clean record. You will see a lot of 700HP+ Supras on the market with lots of shiny piping under the hood, but what they don't tell you is how hard it would be to insure such heavily modified vehicle and how badly the engine and transmission was abused by these owners over the years. This was exactly why we designed her as a "sleeper" car, so insurance company would not have an issue as they are very picky in Canada about this. It passes emission test every time with flying colors in Ontario, Canada. Car is plated, ready to be driven this spring and summer, it's certified and E-tested. Please keep in mind, the Supra is one of the most sought after used vehicles on the market because it NEVER lets owners down. Aside the regular engine oil Mobil 1 synthetic and general mileage based maintenance, only the clutch had to be changed. Yes this is a testament to Toyota's overkill design of the Supra.

NOTE: The list of exact changes to the vehicle will be made available to the final buyer. We don't want to give away our special design technique that was co-developed with Cambridge Toyota staff. The car has well over $60,000 in parts and labor on top of the cost of the stock vehicle with low mileage at the time of acquisition. The final product was nearly priceless - simply indescribable for years! It would take a Pegani Zonda to get a similar feeling of driving this amazing machine.

Update: July 30th. Back from Europe. Since the Firestones were half used, we decided to order the 2018 Nitto NT05 max street tires with gold NITTO huge font on the side walls matching the RAY TN gold rims. Looks out of this world! I will upload updated images to show that as soon we put them on the car.

Leasing option is available via Extreme PC Financing to well qualified buyers.

  • Stability Control
  • Power seat
  • Power windows
  • Xenon Headlights
  • Power mirrors
  • Power locks
  • Navigation system
  • Memory Seats
  • Keyless entry
  • Heated mirrors
  • Fog lights
  • Entertainment Package
  • Dual Climate Controls
  • Bluetooth
  • Alarm
  • Alloy wheels
  • Air conditioning
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  • No Sin# Required
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