2011 Subaru Impreza 510WHP $45K Mods MILTON $39,999
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2011 Subaru Impreza 510WHP $45K Mods - MILTON

Posted: 40 days
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Impreza WRX STi
115,000 km
Body Type
510WHP $45K Mods
4 Cylinder Engine
Stock Number
Exterior Colour
Interior Colour
4 doors
Fuel Type
City Fuel Economy
Hwy Fuel Economy
Vehicle History Report
Safety Rating


A lot of people talk about building a car all the way to completion, using the best possible parts. It rarely ever happens and I can say with confidence this car is complete.

The car has been tuned to 510WHP / 435TQ using 94 octane pump gas and 50/50 water / methanol injection.

A brand new set of (still in the box) front rotors for StopTech 6 Piston kit will be included. A set of Enkei wheels with Blizzak winter tires are included. These are necessary to clear the larger calipers.
A fully licensed version of Cobb AccessTUNER will be included. This version was obtained by attending and completing the Cobb EFI University course. It enables the Custom Features such as E85, Fuel Pressure Compensation and 0-5V Analog inputs such as a wideband for monitoring. The Map is configured for full SD (Speed Density) mode and has been tuned to perfection over the course of its use.
This is most likely the only STi in Canada that has the JDM HVAC controls which are digital LCD based as opposed to the North American knob only style.

The AEM water methanol injection system came with a 1 gallon reservoir, however it was not used. Instead, the OEM washer spray bottle was modified to accept the outlet and low fluid level sensor. I have been using a mixture of 50% distilled water and 50% Methyl Hydrate.

The total value of the aftermarket parts alone, listed below is $44,000. This does not include any labour. I would estimate the labour involved to install everything below at over $5000.00. The list does not include tuning costs either. Several dyno sessions were required to reach the power levels achieved which resulted in over $2000.00 in tuning fees.

With that said, I am basing my $40,000 price on the market value of the car, in mint condition, with 115KM at $27,000 and $44,000 in parts devalued to 0.30 cents on the dollar to $13,000.

Make Part Number Description Price
ACL 4B8296H-STD Standard Rod Bearings $50.00
ACL 5M8309H-STD Standard Main Bearings $62.00
AEM 25-302BK Fuel Pressure Regulator $91.00
AEM 30-2010 Air Temp Sensor $43.00
AEM 30-3003 Methanol Inline Filter $20.00
AEM 30-3020 Methanol Failsafe Gauge $250.00
AEM 30-3300 Methanol V2 Injection Kit $400.00
AEM 30-4110 Wideband O2 UEGO V2 LSU 4.9 $200.00
ARP 260-4704 Head Studs $500.00
Audio Integrations SI1008 Subwoofer Enclosure $329.00
Bridgestone 141636 Blizzak 245/40/R18 $860.00
Cobb 712650 Bypass Valve $230.00
Cobb 715070 MAF Block Off Plate $45.00
Cobb 715750 Boost Control Solenoid $100.00
Cobb AP3-SUB-003 V3 AccessPORT $500.00
Cobb 213320 (F) Shifter Bushing $40.00
Cobb 211325 (R) Shifter Bushing $35.00
Cobb 312100 Injectors 1000cc $500.00
Cobb 315650 Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit $250.00
Compustar CM5000 Alarm & Remote Start w/Drone V2 $600.00
Continental 15482030000 DW Extreme 265/35/R18 97Y XL $970.00
Cosworth 20004539 Air Pump Delete Plates $79.00
Cosworth 20009093 High Pressure Oil Pump $450.00
Cusco 687492RS (R) Power Brace $150.00
Cusco 692474L (R) Lateral Link $500.00
Cusco 692474T (R) Trailing Arm $400.00
Cusco 692026ALHD (F) Steering Rack Brace $64.00
DAMD SS358D-1-2 D-Shaped Steering Wheel $675.00
Deatschwerks DW65C Fuel Pump 265LPH $139.00
DEFI DF06502 Red Racer -30inHg/30PSI (Boost) $160.00
DEFI DF06602 Red Racer 0-140PSI (Pressure) $193.00
DEFI DF06802 Red Racer 400-2000°F (EGT) $220.00
Denso 5345-IKH22 Spark Plugs (One Step Colder) $40.00
Enkei 476-885-6535BK KOJIN 18x8.5 +35 5x114.3 CB72.6 $680.00
Exedy FM022HD Stage 4 Clutch $1,800.00
Focal 165CA1 Rear Speakers $200.00
Focal 165KRC Front Speakers $450.00
Garrett GTX3076R Ball Bearing Turbo .82 $1,350.00
Gates K040317SF A/C Belt (Micro-V Stretch) $22.00
Gates K050345RB Accessory Belt $33.00
Gates T328RB Timing Belt $135.00
Greddy 10167300 EVO3 Exhaust $1,150.00
Grillcraft SUB1722B Grill (Hood Scoop) $100.00
Grimmspeed 020001 Exhaust Gaskets (Header) $40.00
Grimmspeed 078006 Air/Oil Separator $263.99
Grimmspeed 096008 Radiator Shroud $70.00
Grimmspeed 095015BK Crank Pulley $114.00
Group N D1010FE1X0 Engine Mounts $260.00
Hella 003399801 Horn Kit $60.00
IA Performance IAP-COMPvb Door Speaker Kit $54.00
JCSPods 08-14-DUAL Dual A-Pillar Gauge Pod $125.00
JL Audio 500/1v2 Amplifier 500W (Subwoofer) $600.00
JL Audio HD600/4 Amplifier 600W (Speakers) $500.00
Joying JY-UL134 10" Android 5.1.1 HU $300.00
JPM Coachworks 1005A40-R Alcantara Shift Boot $80.00
JPM Coachworks 1009A40-R Alcantara Brake Boot $85.00
JPM Coachworks ARMREST Alcantara Armrest (Upholster) $75.00
JPM Coachworks VISORS Alcantara Sun Visors (Upholster) $200.00
Kartboy KB-017-08REAR (R) Endlinks $130.00
KICS 31875NK Neo Chrome Lugs $195.00
KICS WMAG3 Magnetic Oil Drain Plug $25.00
Killer B KBOBWT Oil Baffle Windage Tray $80.00
Killer B KBUOPU Oil Pickup $185.00
Manley 15024-4 H-Tuff Rods (5.137") $450.00
Manley 190040B EJ257 Crank 79mm $1,390.00
Manley 632200CE-4 Pistons 99.5mm 8.5:1 $450.00
Mishimoto MMFS-STI-08 Fan Shroud $250.00
Mishimoto MMHOSE-STI-08 Radiator Hoses $140.00
Mishimoto MMRAD-STI-08X X-Line Radiator $400.00
Mishimoto MMTS-WRX-01 Thermostat 154°F $50.00
Odyssey 35-PC1400T AGM Battery $240.00
Perrin PSP-BRK-401RD Master Cylinder Bracket $100.00
Perrin PSP-DRV-100 Pitch Stop Mount $121.00
Perrin PSP-DRV-150 Transmission Mount $255.00
Perrin PSP-DRV-511BK Differential Cover $355.00
Perrin PSP-ENG-203BK Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit $487.00
Perrin PSP-ENG-430 Front Mount Intercooler $1,837.00
Perrin PSP-ENG-856RD Rotated Turbo Kit $1,934.00
Perrin PSP-EXT-052 Equal Length Header (Big Tube) $1,390.00
Perrin PSP-SEN-100 4 BAR MAP Sensor $128.00
Perrin PSP-SUS-055RD Strut Brace $200.00
Prova 90000IP0101 SI-Drive Knob $80.00
PST IZ611180 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft $1,070.00
Rally Armour MF19-UR-BLK/SIL UR Mudflaps $180.00
Russell 650340 100PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge $22.00
SMY Cluster Maker SMYCLSTR1 Dual Gauge Pod Cluster $140.00
Stoptech 309.09610 Brake Pads ST20 (R) $31.00
Stoptech 309.12470 Brake Pads ST60 (F) $62.00
Stoptech 83.842.002G.72 Big Brake Kit 345/28 ST22 (R) $1,850.00
Stoptech 83.842.6700.72 Big Brake Kit 355/32 ST60 (F) $2,200.00
Subaru 08AV_STI_US JDM AV Dash Panel $76.00
Subaru 10105AB200 Master Gasket Set EJ257 $275.00
Subaru 11008AA930 EJ257 Case Halves $999.00
Subaru 72311SC300 EDM Digital HVAC $345.00
Subaru 23774AA010 JDM Alternator Cover & Badge $70.00
Subaru ST91123ZR020 JDM Fender Badge (Right) $50.00
Subaru ST91123ZR030 JDM Fender Badge (Left) $50.00
Subimods HELLA-COMBO Horn Bracket & Harness Kit $70.00
TEIN EDK04-Q0349 EDFC Active PRO $600.00
TEIN EDK05-12120 EDFC Motor Kit M12-M12 $150.00
TEIN EDK07-P8022 EDFC Active GPS $80.00
TEIN GSS84-FUSS1 Mono Flex Coilovers $1,900.00
Tial TIALMVR-1.0BK MV-R Wastegate $300.00
TIC MAWTGVDEL Composite TGV Deletes $200.00
Tomei 191263 Timing Belt Guide $45.00
Tomei 1363101071 Head Gaskets .7mm $150.00
Vibrant 7530 High Flow GESI Catalytic Converter $350.00
Visual Garage SFA Shark Fin Antenna $80.00
Volk WVDY40EPG TE37SL 18x10.0 +40 5x114 $2,680.00
Weathertech 44166-1-2 Floor Mats $160.00
Whiteline BSF39XZ (F) Sway Bar 24mm $138.00
Whiteline BSR49XZ (R) Sway Bar 22mm $160.00
Whiteline KBR14 (F) Brace - Control Arm $120.00
Whiteline KBR15 (R) Brace - Sway Bar $80.00
Whiteline KCA313 (F) Roll Center Correction $142.00
Whiteline KCA326 (R) Bushings Camber Adjust $130.00
Whiteline KDT903 (R) Diff Inserts $50.00
Whiteline KDT905 (R) Diff Bushings $40.00
Whiteline KDT910 (R) Positive Traction Kit $60.00
Whiteline KLC32 (F) Endlinks $87.00
Whiteline KSB723 (F) Brace - 4 Point $200.00
Whiteline KSR207 (F) Bushings - Steering Rack $47.00
Whiteline KTA147 (R) Toe Arms $300.00

Totals $44,502.99

  • Xenon Headlights
  • Sunroof
  • Stability Control
  • Power windows
  • Power mirrors
  • Power locks
  • Navigation system
  • Keyless entry
  • Heated seats
  • Heated mirrors
  • Fog lights
  • Entertainment Package
  • Dual Climate Controls
  • Bluetooth
  • Alloy wheels
  • Alarm
  • Air conditioning
  • Bad/No Credit Approved
  • Quick 1 Minute Application
  • No Sin# Required
  • Get Pre-Approved before Buying

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